April 20, 2016 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

This update is also available in a print-friendly pdf format: April 20, 2016 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

Below you will find the daily maximum and minimum air temperatures, 2-inch soil temps, and 24-hour precipitation amounts for this week. These values are recorded at 8 AM and reflect the conditions for the previous 24-hour period (8 AM to 8 AM) at the Southern Research & Outreach Center, Waseca.

Air Temp. (oF)2" Soil Temp.*Precip 
DateMax.Min.201625-Yr Avg.(inches)
Thursday, 4/1476465041-
Friday, 4/1578475441-
Saturday, 4/1679485541-
Sunday, 4/1782555942-
Monday, 4/1882566043-
Tuesday, 4/19815762440.07
Wednesday, 4/2061515745-
*bare soil

We saw a great start to the planting season this week. Warm, dry winds and sunny skies dried out the soil surface and soil temperatures warmed nearly 20 degrees. Farmers started planting corn. Temperature this week averaged 64.2 degrees this is 17.2 degrees warmer then normal. Rainfall totaled 0.07 inch which is 0.66 inch less then normal. Soil temperature at the 2-inch depth averaged 50.7 degrees, 14 degrees warmer then normal.

Last year this week was also warm and dry with temperature averaging 55 degrees and rainfall totaling 0.34 inch with 2-inch soil temperature very warm, averaging 56.7 degrees.

Examination of corn seeds in the ground indicate significant progress toward emergence with the radicle (first root) about 3/4 –inch long and the coleoptile (shoot) has begun to make its way toward the soil surface. Condition of seedlings look excellent and the soil has been warm and relatively dry.

Soil moisture measurements taken on April 18 show there is 10.75 inches of available soil moisture in the top 5-feet. This is 97% of field moist capacity. A light rain would be good for seeds in the germination zone but we do not need more than a quarter inch.

Alfalfa regrowth has begun and plants appear to have overwintered very well. For more information on spring alfalfa stand evaluation follow this link: http://www3.extension.umn.edu/sites/default/files/download/AlfalfaStandAssessment.pdf

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