April 12, 2017 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

This update is also available in a print-friendly pdf format: April 12, 2017 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

Below you will find the daily maximum and minimum air temperatures, 2-inch soil temps, and 24-hour precipitation amounts for this week. These values are recorded at 8 AM and reflect the conditions for the previous 24-hour period (8 AM to 8 AM) at the Southern Research & Outreach Center, Waseca. 

Air Temp (oF) Air Temp (oF)
2" Soil Temp.* 2" Soil Temp.*
Date Max. Min. 2017 25-Yr Avg (inches)
Thursday, 4/6 52 34 43 41 -
Friday, 4/7 54 28 46 41 -
Saturday, 4/8 61 28 46 41 -
Sunday, 4/9 77 45 51 41 -
Monday, 4/10 70 49 54 42 T
Tuesday, 4/11 50 34 54 43 0.02
Wednesday, 4/12 55 34 51 44 -
*bare soil *bare soil

Spring has arrived in Minnesota and Crop and Weather Update for the 2017 season. When we left you last fall, we were in a streak of 15 consecutive months of above normal temperatures. That streak is now at 19 months, as each of our winter months brought us warmer than normal temperatures. The winter months were also slightly wetter than normal, but March precipitation was one-inch less than normal. February was very warm and soils were frost free by the end of the month, which may have allowed some of last year’s record setting precipitation to drain away. The first half of April has been relatively dry and some field work has begun.

Temperature averaged 47.9 degrees this week which is 4.9 degrees warmer than normal. Rainfall totaled 0.02 inch or 0.7 inch less than normal. Soil temperature at the 2-inch depth averaged 49.3 degrees, 7.4 degrees warmer than normal.

Last year this week was cool and dry when temperature averaged 35.6 degrees and rainfall totaled 0.13 inch and soil temperature averaged 40 degrees.

The soil surface has dried enough to allow some spring field work to begin. Fertilizer applications, small grain planting and a little bit of corn planting has been done. As we begin the along with it the first installment of our weekly planting season, Jeff Coulter has written a few tips on successful corn planting that can be viewed at: http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2017/04/key-factors-for-successful-corn-planting.html

Inspection of our alfalfa plots indicate that some plants did not survive the winter very well. Those fields that were cut last fall are most at risk. Excess fall moisture and saturated soils also appear to be factors affecting winter survival of alfalfa.