April 26, 2017 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

This update is also available in a print-friendly pdf format: April 26, 2017 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

Below you will find the daily maximum and minimum air temperatures, 2-inch soil temps, and 24-hour precipitation amounts for this week. These values are recorded at 8 AM and reflect the conditions for the previous 24-hour period (8 AM to 8 AM) at the Southern Research & Outreach Center, Waseca.

Air Temp (oF) Air Temp (oF) 2" Soil Temp.* 2" Soil Temp.* Precip.
Date Max Min 2017 25-Yr Avg. (inches)
Thursday, 4/20 49 42 49 51 0.70
Friday, 4/21 49 38 45 49 -
Saturday, 4/22 60 38 50 51 -
Sunday, 4/23 68 39 55 51 -
Monday, 4/24 74 45 57 53 -
Tuesday, 4/25 72 49 56 53 T
Wednesday, 4/26 55 42 53 53 0.72
*bare soil *bare soil

Rain hampered efforts to get a large acreage of corn planted, but a four day break between rain events did allow some corn seed to get in the ground. Temperature this week averaged 51.4 degrees or 1.6 degrees warmer than normal. Rainfall totaled 1.42 inches which is 0.63 inch more than normal. Soil temperature at the 2-inch depth averaged 52.1 degrees, about 2.0 degrees warmer than normal. 

Last year this week was warm when temperature averaged 56.3 degrees. Rainfall was near normal at 0.76 inch and soil temperature averaged 56.8 degrees.

Corn planted on April 10 is beginning to emerge. I did not expect to see corn up yet in that early planting, but temperatures have been 4.5 degrees above normal for the same time period. Corn planted on April 17 has made progress, but remains well below the soil surface. Small grains planted on April 8 are about 2-3 inches tall.

The rain will interrupt corn planting for now. Cold weather has also settled in. Persistent cold cloudy conditions can make it difficult for corn seedlings. As long as we get some sunshine to warm soil some during the day corn seedlings should be able to survive. We are hoping for a few sunny days in the next week.