October 4, 2017 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

This update is also available in in a print-friendly pdf format: October 4, 2017 Weekly Crop & Weather Update

Below you will find the daily maximum and minimum air temperatures, growing degree units (GDUs), and 24-hour precipitation amounts for this week. These values are recorded at 8 AM and reflect the conditions for the previous 24-hour period (8 AM to 8 AM) at the Southern Research & Outreach Center, Waseca.

Date Max Air Temp (oF) Min Air Temp (oF) GDUs Precip (inches)
Thursday, 9/28 64 42 7.0 T
Friday, 9/29 75 42 12.5 -
Saturday, 9/30 65 41 7.5 -
Sunday, 10/1 69 44 9.5 0.03
Monday, 10/2 62 54 8.0 0.55
Tuesday, 10/3 71 56 13.5 0.33
Wednesday, 10/4 71 40 10.5 T

This week brought warm, but wet weather to southern Minnesota. While southeast Minnesota escaped the heavy rain, south west and west central Minnesota received rain in the 2- to 4-inch range. Temperature averaged 56.9 degrees, which is 2.4 degrees warmer than normal. Rainfall totaled 0.91 inch or 0.09 inch more than normal. Growing degree units (GDUs) totaled 68.5, 22% more than normal. Since May 1, we have now accumulated 2597 GDUs. This is 5% more than our normal for the entire growing season.

Last year this week was warm and dry. Temperature averaged 61.1 degrees and no rain fell. Last year at this time we had accumulated 2901.5 GDUs.

After a cool August we needed some extra heat late in the season and that is just what we received. September was 2.6 degrees warmer than normal. This accounted for an extra 98.5 GDUs which put us above normal for the season. Corn growers that were anxious about full season corn reaching maturity are more comfortable now as the first frost of the season is due any day now. September was also drier than normal, rainfall totaled 2.02 inches, 1.65 inches less than normal.

Corn moisture came down an average of 3 points since last week. Hybrids in the 95 to 100 RM range planted by May 5 were 20 to 25% moisture. A 106 RM hybrid planted by May 5 was still over 30%. When planted on May 25 only the 95 RM hybrid was under 30%.

A string of sunny dry days are what farmers are asking for now to get harvest in full swing.