Southern Research & Outreach Center | Waseca, MN

Overhead view of SROC buildings and fields
Overhead view of SROC fields
Combine in a soybean plot
Close-up of pea plants in a field
Plasma reactor in lab

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July 17, 2024

Temperature High (F): 80.00

Temperature Low (F): 59.00

Precipitation (in.): 0.00


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Announcing the University of Minnesota Extension Cover Crop Academy

April 9, 2024

Take a deep dive into cover crops, tailored to Minnesota cropping systems and conditions

Strategic Farming: Let’s talk crops! Discussed maximizing fertilizer ROI

April 1, 2024

Dry conditions and the winter that wasn’t is accelerating nutrient management decisions. Should farmers be applying fertilizer now?

Waseca research center experiments with February crop plantings

March 16, 2024

Monday morning agronomic scientist Tom Hoverstad dug into the loose, dry dirt of a small Southern Research and Outreach Center test plot and found a few kernels of sprouted corn.