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At the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, our mission is to serve families across the state by preparing students to achieve their goals. With 150 undergraduate majors, 550+ graduate and professional degrees, and 1000s of internship and research opportunities, there is a program for every interest.

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS)

While we are a major urban university located in the heart of the Twin Cities, we also provide immersive study opportunities across the state. Our living laboratories allow students, faculty, and staff to study throughout Minnesota’s diverse ecosystems. In particular, our ten Research and Outreach Centers are a vital part of the U of M’s College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS).

CFANS leads with a simple mission: to inspire minds, nourish people, and enhance the natural environment. Students in this college have the opportunity to apply scientific study to everything from business and marketing, food science and production, engineering, animal and human health, sustainable agriculture, conservation, and so much more.

Undergraduate CFANS students can choose from 14 majors and pre-majors and more than 25 minors. We also have 13 graduate programs. Our students complete their degrees and leave here well prepared for the workforce because of our emphasis on hands-on learning, internships, and global perspectives.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities Admissions

Whether you are thinking of applying to CFANS or any of the eight freshman-admitting colleges at the U of M, you can learn more about the application process at Regardless of your interests, you will be able to apply without any essays or letters of recommendation and will be automatically considered for scholarships and the University Honors Program. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to reach out to the Office of Admissions directly at 1-800-752-1000 or

If you are considering pursuing a CFANS major as a freshman or looking to transfer from another college or university, we also recommend that you check out these additional resources, prerequisite listings, and deadline information.

U of M Scholarship Opportunities for Students in Greater MN

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities offers a number of academic scholarships for incoming fall semester freshmen. The best part? No additional scholarship application is required to be considered! Simply submit an application for freshman admission. Below, you’ll see some scholarship opportunities that specifically benefit students and families in Greater Minnesota.

U Promise Scholarship Program

In order to make a U of M education accessible to all Minnesota families, this program guarantees a scholarship to all eligible Minnesota students. Scholarships range from $300 to $4,000 per year, with higher amounts available based on financial need.

Land-Grant Legacy Scholars Program (LGLS)

Our Land-Grant Legacy Scholars Program supports students from Greater Minnesota who want to improve their community by studying food, agriculture, or natural resources. Recipients are awarded a scholarship worth $20,000 over four years and participate in academic support programs to ensure their successful graduation. Minnesota students living outside the seven-county metro area who are admitted to the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) are considered for this program. There are no additional application forms for this scholarship, though we recommend providing as much information as possible on your activities or experiences related to food, agriculture, or natural resources on your application for admission.


RaiseMe is a unique tool that allows high school students to earn micro-scholarships for their academic and extracurricular achievements. Earning good grades, enrolling in Honors or Advanced Placement courses, holding leadership positions in a club or team sport, and participating in community service are all examples of eligible activities. There are two RaiseMe programs at the U of M. The first program is available to students from select Minnesota high schools and the second is open to all students who enroll in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

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