Alumni Association


The program has been developed and memorabilia is being collected. If you have something you'd like to share at the reunion, please bring it along! We will tag (identify) your items and you can pick them up following the program. 
Special guest and UMW Alum, Dick Beardsley, has written a book, signed copies will be available for sale. 

Ed Frederick has prepared a compilation about the Southern School of Agriculture. Twenty annual, ‘Get Acquainted Editions’ of the Waseca Co. News will be included in the Memorabilia.  You are invited to take home a copy of Dr. Frederick's booklet entitled, Put Spice in Your Life.

You can sign up for access to the faculty staff directory, Jonna Moen, former staff in Academic Affairs.

These and other things will be part of the 8.7.2021 Reunion at Farmamerica. 

Take a moment and register on Eventbrite (there is an additional fee of $2.55 to use this service ) or send registration, check payable to the University of Minnesota,  to UMW/SSA Alumni Association, 35838 120th Street, Waseca, MN 56093. Please include name and address, email address, phone number and affiliation to UMW or SSA.A fee of $15 per adult includes: attendance at the reunion, lunch and all activities surrounding the Farmamerica open house. Children can attend the event for $5 per child. The UMW/SSA Alumni Association is subsidizing the cost of this event for being held  at Farmamerica.  

We hope to see you there! 

Please continue to watch for details and updates, you can also follow this group on Facebook.

Scholarships Available 

Each year two $500.00 scholarships are awarded to a child, grandchild or great grandchild of an alumnus with a GPA of 3.0 and above, and who is pursuing a 2- or 4-year post secondary degree. The scholarship is available to any current high school senior or college freshman. Promotion of these scholarships begins October 1 of each year with the deadline to apply typically the first Monday of the new year.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

  • Emily Burns, daughter of Curt and Jackie Burns, Curt, attended UMW from 1989-1990 
  • Isaac Rott, grandfather David Rott, 1961 Southern School of Agriculture graduate


The Alumni Association works to support agricultural education, career opportunities, personal growth and development for fellow alumni members and their communities. The Association provides scholarships, networking opportunities, and provides this newsletter to keep the members informed about the activities of the Association. It also is a forum for everyone to catch up on what our fellow members are doing in their careers.

Southern School of Agriculture (SSA)


The Southern School of Agriculture, a high school with grades 9 through 12, specialized in agriculture, business and homemaking, operated six months each in residence and in work experience. The talented and dedicated faculty, staff and nearly 1,000 students, continue to have a lasting impact in their communities.

University of Minnesota - Waseca


The University of Minnesota - Waseca, a two-year college, provided a unique blend of technical training and courses in arts and sciences. Students were prepared in agriculture and services to rural areas for career opportunities or for college transfer options. This nationally recognized college touched the lives of nearly 20,000 students. Their achievements attest to the commitment of the student-oriented faculty and staff of UMW.


The mission of the UMW/SSA Alumni Association is to help support ag education, career opportunities, and personal growth and development of the UMW/SSA alumni and their communities. The Association shall provide opportunities for members:

  • To support and recognize alumni who have become outstanding leaders in their communities.
  • To support ag education in their communities by providing assistance and services to ag programs (eg., 4-H, FFA, Extension).
  • To develop networking for further enhancement of career building and opportunities.
  • To support rural development.
  • To support outreach programs of the U of M Southern Research and Outreach Center, Waseca.
  • To develop and foster skills and talents related to becoming capable leaders and successful individuals.
  • To develop friendships and to find support within the Association.


The purpose of this Association shall be to encourage, foster, and support the SSA/UMW alumni, U of M Southern Research and Outreach Center, Waseca, and the career areas of our alumni.

If you are interested to carry on the tradition of UMW/SSA in a more active role, contact:

Deanne J. Nelson
University of Minnesota
Southern Research & Outreach Center
35838 120th Street
Waseca, MN 56093-4521
Phone: 507-835-3620
[email protected]